4Wall Building System

4Wall Building System

4wall is a ‘unique patented hybrid Offsite Building System’ that encapsulates ‘Modern Method of Constuction’ principles to provide a ‘Composite Structural Panelling System’ that has been designed from first principles by industry leading experts with decades of Offsite experience and a wealth of industry based knowledge.

This team of specialists comprise Structural Engineers, Chemists, Specialist Suppliers and Offsite Building Specialists as it was understood from the outset that a completely new building system required experts from a variety of backgrounds as the old addage ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’ needed to be heeded. – This ensured that all of the ‘known unknowns’ could be addressed and the ‘unknown unknowns’ could be uncovered.

Global Warming is increasing the number and severity of ‘Extreme Weather Events’ annually around the globe resulting in building failures as the building fabric was taken beyond the original design brief. These failures are not confined to one or more specific modes of failure, every element of the building envelope needs to be re-considered and re-designed to cope with more aggressive weather events.

Taken in isolation, and bearing in mind how new technologies are being developed at an ever increasing rate, one way would be to make buildings ‘disposable’ with a shorter design life, however, the opposite is true – buildings are being designed to perform for extended periods of time up to 100 years without major modification to its core building envelope, it is on this basis that 4wall was conceived as there was no known Offsite Buildings Systems that complied.


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