4Wall Technical Performance

4Wall Technical Performance

So many building systems have ‘Self Proclaimed’ performance attributes that understanding the true limits of performance are often left to chance. It was a primary part of the 4wall initiative that the system be tested by industry leading UKAS accredited test houses, universities and third party assessors to give credibility and honesty to the capacity of the system to achieve its intended design and performance goals.Having undergone such stringent tests to BSEN eurocode standards,4wall is approved by Local Authority Building Control and KIWA BDA AGEMENT that is accepted and approved by NHBC.

The 4wall building system does not need any external treatment or finishes as it is completely weatherproof (rain, wind, frost, UV) – but of course, most will add finishes to blend in with the finish of the house.

The system has the option of a brickwork cavity wall, insulated thin coat render, horizontal or vertical cladding (in a choice of materials) and a variety of specialist rain screen cladding systems, the choice is yours…

4wall panels can be installed onto various types of foundations such as strip footings,rafted or piled dependant upon ground conditions.The 4wall system structurally supports all upper flooring types including  pre-cast concrete floors,block and beam floors,open web joists and can be used in conjunction with a truss,joist or panelised roof.

Each individual 4wall panel has its own protected electrical service duct built in, making the initial wiring simple and future modifications (or additions) easily achieved, more to the point, hanging things on the wall is devoid of danger as the electrics are sealed in an aluminium conduit.


Thin Coat Render

246mm wall thickness


250mm wall thickness

Brick Cavity

336mm wall thickness

Brick Slip

236mm wall thickness

4Wall has been tested to British & European Standards by a variety of UKAS accredited test centres to BSEN eurocodes and has achieved unrivalled class leading results, click on the below headline figures to see more:


Structural Fire Resistance
40KN (4tonne) - 66 mins


Class leading thermal
U-value - 0.09 to 0.13 W/m2k

Thermal Bridging

Thermally broken system


Exceptional Acoustic
Performance 31db


Superior Air-tightness over
50 Pascals - 0.07 L/S/M


Exceptional Structural
Loading - 825 KN (82 tonne)


Withstands Hurricane and Cyclone Winds
Windloading - 27.40 kpa (472mph)

Extreme Weather

Hygrothermal ETAG 16 and 17
(extreme weather) Pass


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