Aluminium Windows
& Bi Folding Doors

Aluminium Windows & Bi Folding Doors

When choosing the right aluminium product for your home and comparing systems from different suppliers, there are some key things that you will need to consider.

Of course, you’ll need to think carefully about the right style of windows and doors to suit your extension, but you’ll also want to take care to choose the right colour (both for the outside and inside if you select a dual colour option). You will also need to think about the style and colour of handles as well as the right solar controlled glazing for your windows and doors.

Intashell supplies the SMART aluminium system as part of its range of aluminium window and door products. All SMART systems are designed with performance, looks and efficiency in mind, with each frame incorporating a ‘thermal-break’.This effectively insulates our doors and windows against heat loss, raising a home’s internal temperature and helping to reduce the risk of condensation.

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