Intashell Extensions

Intashell’s 4wall building system can build any design of single or double storey home extensions that will provide you with quality, comfort & performance 365 days a year whatever the weather.


The award winning 4wall building system is priced competitively, provides all year round comfortable living, space and can add real value to your home.

Our extensions can be built in traditional or contemporary styles that are compatible with the architecture and materials of your home whether it is brick, render, stone or cladding,4wall works seamlessly with all exterior finishes.Dependant upon your choice of roof style – whether it be flat, pitched, vaulted or you want a room flooded with light,why not try our modern Atlas glass lantern & flat roof skylights or Velux roof lights,the choice is yours!

Why are we different?

  • The component parts of your extension are engineered and pre-built in a factory controlled environment, providing better quality that is cost competitive without the need to re-engineer, allowing for shorter build times on site.
  • Being manufactured offsite to UK brickwork dimensions, there is very little offsite or onsite waste and minimal disruption during the build process.
  • 4wall panels can suit any architecturally designed buildings, with the maximum single panel size made to be ‘man-handleable’ for sites that have limited access, however, the panels can be factory assembled into complete wall units that can be crane assembled if desired.
  • 4wall was invented to provide greater fire resistance, higher thermal efficiency, air-tightness, increased structural strength and lower energy consumption.
  • The uniquely designed 4wall building system has been approved by Local Authority Building Control (LABC) and thoroughly tested to BSEN eurocode standards by UKAS accredited laboratories throughout the UK.The 4wall system exceeded all the test regime requirements.
  • 4wall won LABC’s most innovative building in 2016,has been awarded the prestigious KIWA BDA Agrement,approved by NHBC and has LABC approval throughout England,Wales & Northern Ireland.Our system is accepted by the CML (council of mortgage lenders) and is a  fully mortgageable product.

Call in and see for yourself why our LABC award winning 4wall building system is leading the way in offsite construction!